"Olga's Restaurant" is one of the best restaurants which are in Poros island and definitely one that is worth visiting.

It is located in Askeli village, which has got the most cosmopolitan beach in Poros, near the end of the plaz and right in front of the sea. In the restaurant you can have free wi-fi access to the internet, if you wish.

The restaurant, in the years of its operation is synonymous with the quality of taste and has gained many loyal regulars. You can taste original appetizers and snacks, delicious salads and daily tasty homemade dishes from our family recipes, all made from fresh ingredients, which stand out for their taste.

Wonderful traditional Greek cuisine with stews, cooked food, grilled dishes and fresh fish in filling portions and very reasonable prices. All prepared in our kitchen daily from local meats and poultry, fish from the island's fishermen, accompanied - if you want - by ouzo, raki, beer or cold wine.

Indicative, we prepare daily for you different meals, such as pastitsio, moussaka, stuffed tomatoes, briam, meatballs, spaghetti with meat, souvlaki, stew, fresh fish, seafood, roast lamb, chicken, lamb chops, kids menus, and not only ...

Enjoy your swim to the beach and come to our restaurant to provide you with quick, excellent service and reasonable prices,
so your food can become a wonderful experience during your holiday in Poros.


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