The wonderful pictures of the houses and alleyways, the blue sea with quiet beaches, and the lush main towns, characterize Poros.

Poros is the isle of serenity and relaxation, where one can enjoy taking romantic strolls. It's full of pine trees which reach the shores and the sandy beaches
As you approach the island of Poros by boat, the historical clock prevails on the hill’s highest peak smothered by prickly pear and pine trees. From here, the view of the port and the coastal areas across is magnificent. Constructed in 1927, it was clearly visible from all angles and is characterized as the main attraction of the city

At Poros is worth visiting many houses which are neoclassical smaples. The ones that stand out are the building of Deimezi , built with gray and red stone, the shop of Griva , with big doors and beautiful decoration. From the beautiful houses of Poros is Villa Galini , the 1892 building, which has accommodated famous personalities of Art and Literature.

In the center of the city you can find the Town Hall, the archaeological museum, a public library along with a reception hall for exhibitions and other cultural events.

One can visit the marvelous frescoes of Parthenis at the Cathedral of Saint George and visit the Chatzopouleio Public Library . The conference room of City of Poros is housed in a historical monument constructed in Ernst Ziller plans.

Some sightseeings that you must visit are: The church of Virgin Mary, after Sinikismo, "Zoodochou Pigi" Monastery (18th century), built on a green hill, with sea view. It combines tranquility with simplicity. After the Monastery we reach the Temple of Posidon .

Five kilometers to the north there are the remainings of the Russian Dockyard . There in 1834 were built stock yards for the Russian Naval. Next to the Russian Dockyard there is the little island of Daskalio.

At the end you can visit the famous Lemon Forest. The 'Lemon Forest' is a big area full of lemon trees with lots of waters and waters mills.

The forest leads to Plaka and Alikes with sandy beaches facing "Bourtzi". From the top, the view of "Lemon Forest" is panoramic. It is the most praised site of Poros in the Greek cinema films.


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