The Russian Bay a beautiful and picturesque bay, which is classified as a historical monument, because of its great architectural and historical interest.

On the opposite side is Daskalio, a small island with its lovely church. Then there is the Gerolimenas a secluded pebble beach, which is across the islet of Petra.

We have an organized beach with deck chairs, umbrellas, tables and a canteen where you can eat a snack, drink your coffee, cool down having an ice cream or soft drinks, ouzo, wine and beer.

Its 400 meters away from Neorio, where there are the Pavlou Hotel, the Agyra Hotel, the Kaikas rooms to let, the Maria Mourtzoukou rooms to let and the Studios "Simeon".

Also at Neorio there are the Restaurant "Vasilis", the Restaurant of the Hotel Pavlou and the Restaurant of Agyra Hotel.

Vessels of all sizes, small and large, are moored in the gulf several times adding extra glamour to the area.

In this gulf, as well,  many vessels are docked, making the beach area a little livelier.

To get to the Russian Dockyard from the town of Poros, boat and taxi services are available from Neorio. If you feel like walking, it takes about 45 minutes

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