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    "Dedelos Studios" is a very beautiful complex consisting of 10 independent apartments located on the cosmopolitan Askeli beach. It has fantastic mountain and sea views and lots of cool. It is 300m from the beach and 1.5km from the town of Poros.

    Askeli is a beautifully organized beach that combines tranquility for holidays and the cosmopolitan environment for entertainment. On the beach you will find restaurants, taverns, grill shops, cafe-snack, pool bar, beach volley and water sports.

    Very close to the apartments there is a supermarket, a minimarket and a shop for renting bikes or mopeds to explore the island.

    The studios are spacious, very quiet, clean with balconies front and back and have a bathroom, kitchenette with all the necessary utensils, refrigerator, air condition and TV.

    Transport with the city of Poros is very common and it is mainly by bus and taxi and sometimes by boat.

    The complex has parking and free internet (wi-fi).

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    Prices are based on the period and days of stay.

    Contact us by phone to reserve. We will be very happy to serve you.

    DEDELOS STUDIOS, Askeli beach, Poros
    Tel.-Fax: 22980 - 26149 / Mobile: 6945472089
    E-mail: dedelosilias@gmail.com

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    As you approach the island of Poros ... by boat,  the historical clock prevails on the hill’s highest peak smothered by prickly pear and pine trees. From here, the view of the port and the coastal areas across is magnificent. Constructed in 1927, it was clearly visible from all angles and is characterized as the main attraction of the city.

    Poros is the isle of serenity and relaxation, where one can enjoy taking romantic strolls.

    It's full of pine trees which reach the shores and the sandy beaches The residents of Poros are no different from other Greek islanders in spontaneity, dignity and hospitality. The large homes on the beach have a neoclassical style in contrast to the common duplex houses in Brinia, Milo, Pounta and Kasteli. The first dwellings were built in 1463 and located around the famous Clock.

    In the center of the city you can find the Town Hall, the archaeological museum, a public library along with a reception hall for exhibitions and other cultural events.

    Many taverns are sparcely located among the picturesque alleyways and the whitewashed houses of Poros which are surrounded by bougainvillea . Visitors can enjoy souvenir shops, cafeterias, taverns and clubs playing Greek and English music all along the pier.

    Along the coast going towards the training center, we come across the open air movie theater "Diana" which has premiers of the best films shown this past winter. Right next to it is the exhibition hall of Poros that constantly has exhibitions.

    Bus and taxi terminals are located in the center of the beach area. Access to boats that go along the shores of Galata is also available there. Public transportation around the island runs pretty smoothly all day. Buses leave every hour while boats depart every ten minutes. On the beach you can find scooter and bike rentals whereas cars are rented right across the island, in Galata.

    Leaving the center,  you will see the Pregymnasium in the northwest which happens to be Othona's first residence. Today, this area is used for sailors' training and ranking. After passing the field you will come across a small canal separating Sferia from Kalavria.

    After crossing the canal you will encounter Sinikismos, the first community of Asia Minor refugees. Towards the end of Sinikismos, if you follow the spiral road surrounded by enormous pine trees, you will end up in the church of Our Lady Agia Zoni where festivities take place on July 2nd. It's located between a steep cliff with lots of trees and running water where the Temple of Poseidon is also found.

    On your way back to the canal's bridge, towards the left and west, you will see an area called Perlia. The road continues along the coast, passes through Villa Galini and Mikro Neorio and, eventually, reaches Megalo Neorio. Further down is the Love cove, the Russian dockyard along with the islet called Daskalio.

    On the right hand side of the canal's road you will pass through Kanali. Heading east leads you to Askeli. As you continue, the road branches out towards the monastery of Zoodohos Pygi, going north you will reach the temple of Poseidon, Vagionia and passing by Agio Stathi and Profiti Elia it goes back through Sinikismo to the canal.

    Today, Poros is justified as the ideal vacation spot due to its traditional shades,
    picturesqueness, cosmopolitan lifestyle and its contemporary facilities.

    Poros island Poros island Poros island Poros island Poros island Poros island
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    Whether you start from the old port with the flying dolphins or from the new harbor with the ferry boats, the coastal road leads to Askeli , two kilometers NE of the port of Poros.Askeli faces the open sea and is built amphitheatrically on the slope of a pine covered hill with a panoramic view from above.

    There are four snake-shaped streets on the road starting from the beach road and branching out across Askeli, reaching the top of the hill.

    In Askeli there is a supermarket, a bakery, a minimarket and a moped and bicycle rental shop for short excursions.

    In general, Askeli is the only beach in Poros that has a cosmopolitan style and at the same time is offered for family tourism.


    The cosmopolitan beach in Askeli, the most popular and one of the cleanest beaches in Poros, has been honored with a Blue Flag and is a large organized sandy beach overlooking the open sea.

    The beach in places has sand or pebbles and in some places there are tall eucalyptus and tamarisk trees, which create shade for those who do not want much sun and also has a space for the visitors to play rackets.

    In front of the beach there are cafe snacks, picturesque taverns and grill-restaurant, with quality food and really good prices.

    The beach has four consecutive beach bars with sunbeds, umbrellas, tables and showers, which in addition to coffee, ice cream, drinks and soft drinks, offer beautiful snacks or even snacks.

    At the beginning of the beach there are changing rooms, toilets, beach volleyball court and then there is a ski school and facilities with water sports.

    Tourists in Askeli have nonstop bus, taxi and boat access to the center of Poros.

    It’s approximately a 20 minute walk from the town of Poros

    Askeli beach Askeli beach Askeli beach Askeli beach Askeli beach Askeli beach
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    From the port of Pireus there are daily departures of flying dolphins and flying cats for Poros, which not only take passengers but vehicles as well. The trip lasts approximately 1 hour for the flying dolphins and approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes for the flying cats.

    For more information on the ship's departures from the port of Poros or to get tickets, you can call the travel agency MARINOS TOURS: (+30) 22980 - 23423, 22977, 22297.

    The timetables are executed by Hellenic Seaways: (+30) 210-41.99.000. SCHEDULES



    From the port of Pireus there are daily departures of Aegean flying dolphins for Poros, which take only passengers and no vehicles.

    The flying dolphin makes the shedule "Piraeus - Aegina island - Agistri island - Methana - Poros island". The trip duration is approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes.

    For more information on the ship's departures from the port of Poros or to get tickets, you can call the travel agency Askeli Travel (+30) 22980 - 29309 in Poros island.

    The timetables are executed by Aegean Flying Dolphins: 210-41.21.654, 42.21.766. SCHEDULES



    From the port of Pireus there are daily departures of Ferry boats for Poros, which not only take passengers but vehicles as well. The trip lasts approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes.

    The first stop is at the port of Aegina, then it heads off to Methana and reaches its final destination which is Poros.

    For more information on the ship's departures from the port of Poros or to get tickets, you can call the travel agency FAMILY TOURS: (+30) 22980 23743, 22549, 26329.

    The timetables are executed by Saronic ferries: (+30) 210 - 4117341 / 4171190. SCHEDULES



    If you own or rent a car, you can easily get from Athens to Poros in appoximately 2 hours.

    Through Attiki Odos, get on the National Road Athens – Corinth and make a left after the canal heading towards Epidauros (Corinth Exit 10 - Epidavros).

    Drive for about 30 minutes and you reach the intersection of Epidaurus. Before getting there, you will see signs to Poros or Spetses. At the junction turn right and immediately drive under the bridge and make a left.

    Then, follow the new road, making sure you don’t miss the sign to Poros. At this point, slightly turn left for Poros and you will reach Galata in 25 minutes, via the coastal road, from where you can hop on a small ferry to Poros.

    The road is an extension of the highway, good enough for the entire journey, with an average speed, it takes about 2 hours to get there.

    The small ferries from Galata departures run every 30 minutes.

    There is a big public parking, which is free, where you can leave your car in case you want to go across Poros by boat in 5 minutes.

    Press here to see at the google map, which route to follow from Athens to Galata


    Athens - Galatas

    There is a daily departure of a bus from the Peloponnese Station ( +30 210-5124910 - 11-12) at 16.30 which arrives in Galata, opposite the island of Poros, in about 2.5 hours.

    For any change in the timetable, please get in contact with the Peloponnese bus Station to the telephone +30 210-5134588.

    The transport from Galatas to Poros is :
    A. With boats around the clock. Duration 5 minutes and departures every 15 minutes from 06:00 to 24:00 and every 30 minutes from 24:00 until 6:00.
    B. There are departures of small ferries every 30 minutes.

    Peloponnese Station tel. (+30) 210 - 5134588 www.athenstransport.com

    Station, Galatas Bus (+30) 22980 - 42480

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    Whether you start from the old port that today's flying dolphin moor, or from the new harbor that the big and small ferry boats moor, take the left side of the coastal road and the stadium of Poros.

    Immediately after the stadium of Poros is the bridge canal that connects Spheria with Kalavria. A few meters after the bridge canal, the road is branched out. We go right and continue on the coast, taking the road to Askeli.

    Moving to the beach of Askeli, we meet on our right the only kiosk. In this position we turn left and reach the supermarket "Kritikos" and "Stavrianea". We go to the right of the road that starts between the two supermarkets and after about 80 meters we reach "Dedelos Studios".

    The total length of the harbor is less than 5 minutes by car. Walking takes about 30 minutes.

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    For more information please call us or send us an email. Thank you!.