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Kanali Restaurant
Our tavern operates from 8 in the morning to 12 in the night
At the Kanali beach there is a car parking space
(+30) 22980 - 24771, 6940511950

The Kanali Restaurant is located exactly on the organized sandy beach of Kanali, with tasty fresh fish and sea food, Mediterranean cuisine, meat on the charcoal and Greek traditional food cooked in the wooden oven.
At Kanali tavern, we start from the 8 in the morning offering a traditional homemade breakfast , later at the noon we continue with delicious Mediterranean cuisine, fresh fish, meat on the charcoal and Greek traditional food cooked in the wooden oven.

During the day we offer appetizing snacks, all the kinds of coffees, cold natural juices, ice creams, beverages and drinks.

In Kanali restaurant we grill our fish with olive oil and lemon or fried and even we make them boiled with soup.

In our wood oven we bake traditional Greek dishes, lamb with rosemary and potatoes, kotsi and different kinds of pies.

In our restaurant you will find an extensive variety of fresh cut salads and a chosen variety of sea food.

The beach kanali is located only 10 minutes away from the most central place of Poros, after Progimnastirio at Gefiraki at the right,
with a beautiful view towards Mirtoo Pelagos

The view of Myrtoo Pelagos is unique

From the balconies of "Kanali Apartments", from the Restaurant, from the Beach bar as well as from the beach, the view towards the open sea is wonderful

Balcony to the sea

with excellent views of the open sea in front of an organized beach with crystal clear sea


Marvelous beach bar

Greek beers, sophisticated cocktails, very good coffee "Coffee Republic", juices and snacks


Excellent tavern

fresh fish, seafood, Mediterranean cuisine, grilled meat and many pies in the wood oven



Events in Kanali

We are waiting for you to enjoy your own event overlooking Myrtoo Pelagos


Beach party in Kanali

Cocktail parties in Kanali. Have fun on the sand with the best music


Book now in our rooms

  • 22980-24771, 6940511950