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From the Sqr. of the City Hall, taking some stairs or from the cinema "Diana", we reach in less then five minutes tavern "Platanos", a classical traditioanl tavern.

At "Platanos" the visitor can relax and enjoy the delicious food along with beer or cold wine, down from the shades of the 200 years old platanus that exist there, at the Sqr. of Saint George, next to the old little church.

You will taste and enjoy a big variety of starters and appetizers, cooked food, grilled meat and cold wine. Whatever time you come to the tavern, you will always find fresh roasted lamb, pork, chicken, kontosouvli and kokoretsi, for which we are famous.

The food is cooked with fresh and pure ingredients - most of local produce - all the meat is fresh and first quality, in salads we use olive oil and all the appetizers and homemade appetizers are made by us in our tavern.

At our tavern there is free wifi and we are open all the year around; We are open from 9 in the morning, to have your breakfast, to 1 after the midnight, winter and summer.


The winter we cook in the ashes, and our food is accompanied by handmade bread.

With responsibility, all these years we offer to our guests a unique quality of homemade food and genuine hospitality.


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