Do you feel really hungry? ... or you just want to drink a glass of cold wine under the orenge trees in a green garden?

If so, visit us in a beautiful sea view spot in the center of the town of Poros, located in the front of St. George's Cathedral, only 4 minutes far away from the sea-side (port) and so close to the clock tower of Poros.

Inside the cool environment of the "Garden", which is literally full of bougainvilleas and jasmines, you will have the experience of tasting delicious appetizers from homemade and local spicy recipies, the freshest fish and meat on bbq and some of the most delicious vegetarians dishes.

We are open all day.

All our fish and meat are on the charcoal

There is free wi-fi in to our tavern "Garden"

Try us and feel the Garden's food experience and Greek hospitality!!

Jiannis and Maria will be waiting for you with amazing food and unbeatable prices ...