Punda Pub                     Coffee-Beer-Appetizers

Highslide JS "Punda Pub", the only beer pub in Poros island, from 10.00 in the morning to 03.00 after midnight.

Beers from around the world, full of colours, fruity taste, amazing fragrances and strong personality.

The beers are served along with sausages, greek or german, cheeses, cold cuts, potato salad and sour cabbage or tyrokafteri with different dressings and spicy sauces.

All of our producs top quality, they predispose you to enjoy your beer.

Try the delicious baked potatoes in embers, enriched with butter or melted cheese cheddar, pure pleasure along with your cold beer.

We serve all alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, all kinds of drinks, sweets and ice creams.

Every Saturday "Punda Pub" offers live music


Taste the true quality that we chose carefully for you,
in tables by the sea and enjoy its breeze,
with the incredible flavors we have to offer