From the kitchen of "Prima Sera" goes out unique dishes based on traditional and succesfull recipes with the active help of the chef.

The cooking on the grill, the fresh ingredients that we use, the pure lemon and oil, along with the scent of the Greek sea, they make the perfect dish, seafood delicacies that you wish to never end.

From the sea we select the best fish and seafood from local fishermen of the island, and we offer them in as delicious and tasty as possible.

Marvelous Greek salad of fresh vegetables, varieties of starters and appetizers, fresh shellfish with ice wine, accompany your main meal.

For those who do not prefer fish we have all kinds of grilled meats and stews from the traditional Greek cuisine.

Try the "delicious carpacio swordfish", grilled octopus, grilled squid and continue with the unique lobster with spaghetti 'PrimaSerra". And of course the enjoyment of such food would only accompany a wine equal in taste and quality. Our cellar is very updated and the owner will be happy to assist you in choosing the wine.

For those who wish, accompany your lunch or dinner of beautifully cooked fresh fishes with chilled wine from our barrels or with our variety of starters, ouzo and tsipouro. At the end you can taste our delicious fish soup we make from small and big fishes.