Fish tavern "Prima Sera" is located in Punda, the most beautiful, perhaps, location in the coastal area of Poros, which has kept as much as possible, unchanged the graphic elements of the old Poros, whether they are homes, fishing boats and sailboats.

The elders remember that every night there where parties in the beach of Punda. The world went down there to dance and celebrate in the taverns, and later in the bars and clubs.

Today, Punda, remains the favorite neighborhood, which brings all the nightlife of the island. Ideal area for walking and relaxation, away from the hustle and the lights of downtown beach.

The shops, even today, keep the tone of authenticity that characterizes it. After midnight, there are bars with tables outside, waiting for you to enjoy a drink and the unique aura of the region.

When you find yourself in Poros do not bother to ask where to go at night. Everyone you send in Punda.